Every project is different based on our clients’ unique criteria for finding exactly what they are looking for; whether it be in the hills or on the water, in a village/town or as remote as possible.

Mougins – A Family Home and Investment

This was a long-term mission from a very special client. Quite simply, we were asked to keep an eye on the market for anything that combined great value from an investment perspective and an amazing place to spend weekends and the summer months. So when the seller decided to drop the price to a level that we felt represented good value, the client came to visit and the sale was agreed.

What the client says …

“Jez is not the sort of guy that is going to inundate you with properties for sale, so when he sends something that he feels will be of interest, we take notice. And he didn’t let us down, he found us exactly what we were looking for at a price point that we didn’t believe was possible. He has now become a good friend and we are very proud to have presented him to a number of friends who now own property nearby. Thank you Jez!”

The ‘L’ family, based in Monaco

Cannes – Cooling Down in Summer

The client, who has now become a friend, lives in the Middle East and was looking for a sanctuary where he could escape the heat in the summer months. Although a bachelor, he is an entertainer and so needed to combine a contemporary feel with fantastic views and plenty of accommodation. Whilst location was originally flexible, it quickly became clear that Cannes and, more specifically, La Californie was the place to be.

What the client says …

“Jez needed a lot of patience to find what I was looking for and he never put any pressure on me at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what I wanted before I even did. He found it, we got the best price and guided me through the buying process so that all went smoothly. It’s my home from home thanks to Jez.”

BC, Middle East

Monaco – Very Specific Needs

The brief was to find a large, lateral apartment, on a low floor in a great location. Easy access was very important for health reasons. In a market where stock is notoriously low and quality stock even lower, we worked very closely with our local partners to identify exactly what the client was looking for.

What the client says …

“We only had to visit 3 apartments to find exactly what we were looking for, because Jez totally understood our requirements. The fact that he speaks fluent French was also a huge plus and we managed to complete our purchase without any concerns. We have since bought a number of others properties and have never felt the need to go anywhere else but with Jez – he gets it done!“

JT, Monaco

Mougins – A Weekend Retreat

As recent residents in Monaco, the clients wanted to replicate their Balearic retreat without having to fly anywhere and so Mougins came on to their radar. They needed an estate with outbuildings, animals, plenty of accommodation, fabulous views and, above, total privacy.

What the client says …

“We were introduced to Jez by mutual friends who recommended his service extremely highly. Our experience was simply perfect. We met over lunch, described our ideal property and what we needed to get out of it, he made a call, we went to visit and we fell in love. All on the same day. Within a week we had concluded negotiations and are now the proud owners of our Mougins retreat.”

T&R, Monaco


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