The Azur Collection is a curated property consultancy, matching discerning clients with the luxury real estate of their dreams.

By leveraging our extensive networks and unique market knowledge, we personally guide you through the often complex purchasing process.

Discretion and trust mean everything to us, and your time is precious. Let us take care of your property acquisition needs, and inspire you to create your perfect lifestyle.

A message from our founder

Welcome to The Azur Collection’s website! I’m already interested in knowing how you got here and whether or not you want to discuss this in more detail. Because that is what I do, I listen to the needs of my clients and basically find what they are looking for. I consider myself extremely lucky because I am one of the few who can truly say that I love what I do.

That is not to say it is without its challenges (I had hair when I started out!), but this is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going. The business has evolved over the years and, despite very little, if any, marketing, I am extremely proud to say that our client portfolio consists of royalty, industrialists, celebrities and many more; all of whom continue to refer their own friends and family.

This is what is most important to me and, therefore, the company – creating and maintaining relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, advisors and so on. So if you’re still reading, then read on and drop me a line if you think I might be able to help.

All the best,

Jez Moore,
The Azur Collection

What we’re about

Building Relationships

We work closely with our clients to provide unique solutions that are tailored to each of their requirements. It is this bespoke approach that builds our reputation as trusted experts, winning further introductions and recommendations by being the best at what we do.

Professional Discretion

Discretion and trust mean everything to us, and we win our clients’ loyalty by exhibiting maximum professionalism at all times. The integrity of our team and its extended network is the foundation of our business, and upon this we build long-term success.

Acquired Knowledge

We build unique, extensive networks which we can leverage to our clients’ advantage. Our expertise and experience comes from diligently acquired market knowledge, giving our clients exclusive access to luxury real estate often not available through the usual sales channels.

Geographical Spread

Our geographical spread is very much determined by our clients’ requirements. As relationships are developed, so is trust, such that we are increasingly called upon to source super prime real estate beyond our traditional boundaries. To date, we have managed projects in the UK, the Alps (French and Swiss), Ibiza, Mallorca, Sardegna and, of course, France and Monaco. We have created the necessary knowledge and partnerships in these markets, and others, to be able to ensure consistent levels of very high service.

Client Happiness

Working with our clients is a privilege. We recognise their time is precious and aim to make their lives easy by personally leading them through the process as smoothly as possible. Property acquisition should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience, and we are instrumental in creating a perfect lifestyle.


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